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Policies and Agreements

  1. Online student must register for a minimum of 10 hours of class time
  2. Female students are tought by a female teacher and male students by male teachers
  3. Class times negotiable according to teacher and student schedule (that in private course)
  4. Student can either download books from the site without mony
  5. Discounts are given to students on an individual basis at the complete discretion of the branch manger
  6. All discounts and agreements are non - binding and not guaranteed on along term basis. the continuation of any given discount is at the complete discretion of the branch manager 
  7. All students must complete and pass their exams and finish all course work before going on to the next level
  8. If the students misses an exam they must complete it before the next scheduled class period.
  9. All tuition fees non - refundable.
  10. Refunds are only given when the institute is proven to be fault and at the complete discretional of the manager.
  11. Receipt of money cant--- some time, so please give adequate amount of time between sending of money and the start of your intended course of study. be mindful that you will not be able to begin your studies until payment is confirmed. also any transfer / wiring /conversion fees associated with the sending of money are to be paid by the student.


  • Online students must notify online administration team (via email-or live chating site) if them will not be able to attend their lesson at least 24 hours prior to scheduled class time.
  • Every thing on this page constitutes our agreement with you as student /consumer/customer/user.
  • In case of any changes the policies published here these changes will be effective 15 days from the date of publishing with no effect on previous business operations prior to that date.
  • Alustadh institute reserves the right to change in this agreement at any time with a prior 15-day . notice published on the home page at: www.alustadh.com website

Contact us

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whats app : +201273066504
skype : alustadh2000
Alustadh Institute

Alustadh Institute

For Arabic and Islamic Studies
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