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Tajweed Quran Course

Course aims

Course aims

Quranic recitation in the absence of Tajweed is not only a disconcerting to the ears, but is also dangerous. This is because the Arabic language is intricate and just a slight change in the sound of a letter can turn the meaning of a word and even a full sentence on its head. It is thus an imperative for us to learn and implement Tajweed, in order to preserve both the meaning and beauty of Allah’s words.

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A qualified Teacher

A qualified Teacher will teach you the proper rules of Tajweed. The Teacher will look to see if the student is making the correct movements of the mouth and tongue to correctly pronounce the words of Allah. In reciting the Quran, a student cannot correct himself, therefore a teacher is needed to listen carefully to his pronunciation and correct any mistakes he makes. The essential qualities of a good teacher are that he loves the Quran and has the qualifications to teach Tajweed and so he can transmit this love to his student and help the student to improve his recitation.

Important of Tajweed

Tajweed is the science which studies how to recite Quranic alphabets while reading Quran from their points of articulation with their rights and dues keeping in mind the contextual rules. As the science belongs to the glorious words of Allah, we can think of its importance as compared to the other sciences. Knowledge of tajweed makes the reader of Quran to abstain from the hidden and apparent mistakes while reading Quran. Acquiring this knowledge is a great blessing as this is a good tool to help you read Quran having the sense of correct recitation.

Learning Outcomes for the Course

This course covers pronunciation, characteristics of letters, and proper stopping and starting rules. This course if offered after you have completed the basic course of recitation and starting reading the Holy Quran fluently. This course will make you able to read the Holy Quran having the sense of complete understanding of the rules of Tarteel and make you read in a better way avoiding the mistakes and errors. In-Shaa-Allah
At the end of the course participants should be able to:
• Understand the importance of Tajweed sciences and its application.
• Adapt ‘Practice-Based’ teaching methods in Quran recitation and Tajweed.
• Teach effectively correct pronunciation and joining letters and words.
• Teach effectively Makharijul Huruf and Sifatul Huruf through ‘Practice-Based’ teaching methods.
• Adapt differentiation methods according to individual ‘Pace & Level’.

Learn Arabic Online

looking to learn Arabic online or learn Quran from the comfort of your own home? Alustadh institute providing qualified Arabic tutors to students who non-speaking Arabic. Through a variety of Arabic courses which can be studied online. All Arabic courses taught using a combination of traditional and modern teaching methods.

variety of courses

Looking no further than Alustadh institute for range of Arabic courses for those who wish to learn Arabic online and we ensure you will not be disappointed with the variety of courses and teaching methods available. Our Arabic courses and Quran tutoring are ideal for those who wish to learn Arabic from the comfort of their homes, or simply can't attend traditional Arabic courses.

Get Records

All our classes are recorded automatically so that you can review it in your own time as many times as you like from any browser anywhere in the world. Whether you want to improve your Quran recitation learns to speak Arabic, improve your children skills, we have an online course suitable for you. We select our teachers for excellence in their subject matter and excellence in Islamic character.

Real time interaction

All of our teachers have Ijaza to teach Arabic language, Tajweed al Quran. E learning is different with us, as we add real time interaction to your distance learning. We allow you to communicate with teachers with crystal clear audio and collaborate with chat and shared whiteboard. All of our lessons are recorded and can be accessed by students after the lesson for revision purposes.

Our Teachers maintain good manners

All our courses are Co-ordinate and supervised to ensure good manners and segregation between men and women according to Islamic traditions. This means that apart from classes in Islamic studies, we do not have mixed classes; we use female teachers for female students and male teachers for male students.

Fully interact classroom

Allows you to fully interact with the teacher using Audio, Video, Text typing and sharing of documents such as textbooks, PowerPoint, word and PDF documents. Our whiteboard allows you to draw diagrams and write Freehand in Arabic or English. This means that in some ways there is more opportunity to ask questions and interact with the teacher in our virtual classroom.

qualified and skilled teachers

For our Tajweed, Tafsir and Memorize Quran classes we use both native Arabic speakers as well as very highly qualified and skilled teachers from other parts of the world. Many of our teachers are Hafizul Quran or active in the Dawa. Delivering lectures in masjids and venues internationally.

Native Arabic speaking teachers

We have some of the most experienced native Arabic speaking teachers from highly regarded institutions such as Al azhar and Cairo University to teach our Arabic language classes. We specialize in teaching Arabic to students from western countries, so all our teachers are selected for their expertise in both Arabic and English languages.

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